A day that will live in infamy

Thalia Krautbaby

7 December 1941
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Ok so I was actually born much later!

As for the rest, I am a currently pre-everything MTF, wishing that I could simply be comfortably completely male or female and forget about it.

About my birthdate...LJ doesn't give an option for "Ageless" or "Immortal" & wouldn't let me be a smartass and put in 1066 for the year, so I chose something feasible but equally as smart-assed ::grin:: So much for someone who is actually only (*only*?) 38 years old!

I love different scifi & fantasy authors as well as some horror shtuffs. I also enjoy history if it's not a dry-assed read.

The music I like ranges from as soft as "new age" ambient stuff to the hardest, fastest deathmetal.

I like hip hop too if it's got brains to it. No redne- oops, I mean "gangsta" crews for me thank you! Sorry I had to censor that last bit for doggone babyassed people.

I'm also pro-military, pro-gun, yup.

A final note: I've nothing against cross-dressers and fetishists, but if you don't have anything in common with me culturally (what I've mentioned here and in my interest list), you'll probably be disappointed with trying to talk to me, cuz I'm mostly a tomboy(however femmy acting). Also I have no predjudice against non-ops and I hope it's obvious I've nothing against genderqueers nor would I shun anyone for being such.