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Wow! From TNUK digest- the music is definitely relevant, but see the bottom paragraph for how it relates to us:, USA

Review: "And Then It Got Ugly" by Rhino Bucket

August 14, 10:42 AM · Markus Pacal - Austin Rock Music Examiner

[Photo: Rhino Bucket's "And Then It Got Ugly." (Acetate Records)]

Rhino Bucket disbanded shortly after the release of '94s "Pain" on the
Moonstone label. Georg Dolivo briefly tried to start a band called
Deep Six Holiday with Harry Cody of Shotgun Messiah but that fizzled.
He was also considered the main man to front Austin's Broken Teeth
until Jason McMaster stole that spot.

So, after about a 7 year break, Rhino Bucket regrouped with Georg
Dolivo on vocals & rhythm guitar, Reeve Downes on bass, Brian Forsythe
of Kix replacing Greg Fields on lead guitar and Jackie Enx "replacing"
Liam Jason on drums. We'll get to that later. It took 'em another five
years to get a record deal and get some product out on the streets but
this band are true survivors when it comes to the world of rock n'
roll. A dozen years after the release of "Pain" comes this disc, "And
Then It Got Ugly" on Acetate Records. A great indie label outta Santa
Monica, CA.

Is it good? Yes. Is it great? No. Will Rhino Bucket fans love it?
Absolutely. As will fans of Kix, early-AC/DC, Airbourne, The Backyard
Babies, Danko Jones, etc. This release features 11 tracks including an
acoustic version of 'I Was Told' to end the record that was previously
released on "Pain." The best songs off of this disc are 'Welcome To
Hell,' 'Dead & Well,' 'Monkey Boy Highway' and 'Blood, Sweat & Beers.'
But all of the songs are up to par. This album lacks the supercharged
energy of their first 3 releases but it still has enough testosterone
and blue-collar guitar riffs to make it a damn good record. Sort of a
transition record into a slightly more "mature" sound. Go get it.
It'll be worth it.

On a side note, that I alluded to earlier, Jackie Enx did not exactly
"replace" Liam Jason. After their first two records, Jason fell off
the radar. And for good reason. He underwent a full transgendered
procedure to become anatomically female. He wasn't exactly the best
lookin' man and may not be the best lookin' woman. But I give him, now
her, credit for being brave enought to do something she felt was
necessary and being open about it. Extra credit goes to the band for
taking Ms. Enx back into the fold in a very machismo rock n' roll
world. If everyone in this world was this open & accepting, it would
be a much better place to live. Don't agree? Then you're just plain
wrong! Current info. on the band can be found at
<> .

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