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Mustache area- thermolysis

Phew! First *real* jump into it yesterday (Tuesday). 
Was I scared during and am I scared now after it? Yes...
A dot of blood here and there...
I was told that the multiple short tugs on some hairs were the forceps coming off of a hair that wasn't fully treated yet (and so had to be re-zapped). That in addition to the length of exposure on a handful of the hairs is what made me the most nervous.
Also a bit wigged out over the hairs that she did leave too. Could this be due to concerns over the effect of so much treatment on the skin?

And yes, I should've done a patch test first.

The lady I went to though (A&A Electrolysis- the street sign says "About Face Electrolysis) has been in practice for 35 years and is listed on
58 dollars an hour- cost 78 dollars to do my mustache area today (I have enough in the bank to cover at least *that* part of my face for the 15 or so treatments that some say is needed.

And yes, per the title of this entry it was thermolysis. Yeah, I've seen Susan Laird's horror stories ( and Andrea James and others counterclaims on the forums.

Strange that I didn't find her exact model of Fischer branded machine on hairfacts (the closest listed was R.A. Fischer's SE-4 blend model- I could just about swear her's was a Fischer EZ-4. I definitely should have written it down.

I'm looking at my still somewhat puffy mostly clear mustache area in the mirror...grumbling over not getting to go anywhere during daylight hours too...

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