yeopenbooke (yeopenbooke) wrote,

Obama and the coal industry...

Yeah, like I'm gonna have more money to transition on under Obama.

My apologies for not having more in-depth examples of reasons to point to, and I know it's liable to cost me friends for voting for him, but I have to hold my nose and vote for McCain.
For any passerby through this lj or any other place who happens to be focusing on nothing more than race and wishes to accuse me of racism for not voting for him, dig this. Obama is no centrist like William Raspberry. He's definitely no fiscal conservative like Thomas Sowell.

Here's more:

And read the transcript to the side of the vid if you miss it.

And yes, I find Hannity and the other pundits annoying, but I also look past their egos and stupid pro-wrestler-fan-cuddling intro/outro flashes on their shows to pay attention to the substance of the issues they comment on.
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